I am the Mighty Crab of Anger, El. I serve as Mr. Sharp’s majordomo and chief doer of things best done discreetly under cover of darkness. I also serve as his mouthpiece, which can become quite disgusting depending on what he has me put my mouth on. Nevertheless, I serve with distinction. I personally enjoy collecting RPGs, playing same, and other things completely irrelevant to this blog. It is important that I make it clear that if you disagree with Mr. Sharp’s opinion, or my own, you are wrong. Completely and utterly, without hope of redemption, wrong with a capitol ‘R’. Our humility will keep us from throwing this back into your ugly face on a regular basis, but rest assured that if you dispute our awesomely humble wisdom then you are wrong, ill-favored, and likely to die of some extremely slow, uncurable, wasting, sexually-transmitted disease. If you find yourself in agreement with us, however, you beautiful devils, you, then you are obviously wealthy, good-looking, and are no doubt helpful when the elderly need to cross the street.