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Fuck you.  I am gnomercyforoldmen, some might call me The Village Idiot, but you may call me Sir.  It isn’t like I can just tell you what I do for Mr. Sharp, I have to show you.  Except then Mr. Sharp, who is devilishly handsome and good natured, might get jealous.  Let’s just say that what I do for Mr. Sharp is provide him with a deeply penetrating knowledge of certain thrusts and flourishes that only a man of my certain expertise can offer.  When I am not making an ass out of Mr. Sharp, I am making an ass out of myself by ranting and raving about other people’s inadequacies.  When I am not bitching, I play games, read and pretend to learn new things.   What the fuck ever…Thanks to Failblog.org


N. B. from the Directorial Staff:

gnomercyforoldmen is a vile, deraged lunatic Mr. Sharp keeps contained. Under no circumstances should he be listened to or dealt with by the untrained. If he breaks free it could be the end for us all. Never try to deal with him alone, and never approach him at night or in areas associated with decay, as these are situations where his powers are strongest. His ramblings are unhinged, are understood to be a form of therapy, and any dark secrets contained therein may be considered sanity-destroying by the general public.