This creature was but a moment away from becoming the spawn of an undead horror known as a wraith. A creature so touched often comes out of the experienced changed, their outlook and morality twisted.  A Wraith-Touched individual is feeble and pale, possessed with a new-found aversion to both light and life, preferring isolation rather than public settings. This sometimes manifests in outright loathing of all living things, causing the individual to suffer from homicidal tendencies.

CR: Same as base creature.

Weaknesses: A Wraith-Touched individual gains -4 to their Constitution score.

So…you want to grab dinner sometime?

Light Blindness (Ex)

Creatures with light blindness are blinded for 1 round if exposed to bright light, such as sunlight or the daylight spell. Such creatures are dazzled as long as they remain in areas of bright light.

Senses: A Wraith-Touched creature gains darkvision out to a range of 60 feet.  If the base creature already has darkvision they extend it out an additional 60 feet.

Special Abilities:

Lifesense (Su)

A Wraith-Touched humanoid notices and locates living creatures within 30 feet, just as if they possessed the blindsight ability.

Twisted Mind (Ex)

A Wraith-Touched individual becomes immune to mind-affecting effects.

Campaign Role:

Weak and sickly, the Wraith-Touched often avoid civilization, their new sensibilities pushing them away from society.  Adventurers might find a Wraith-Touched in a long forgotten cave, or in a dense forest where the light never quite reaches the ground.  These individuals often seclude themselves from people out of fear that their growing hatred for the living might cause them to do unspeakable evil.

Those Wraith-Touched who remain among the throng have either managed to subdue their disposition, or they have stayed for darker reasons.  Many times the Wraith-Touched have succumbed to the hatred of the living that fills their creators, stalking the streets of major cities in search of the most jovial and lively to kill.  They become the silent terrors of the night, using their abilities to overcome even the most daunting of foes.  It does not take long for a city to feel the presence of the Wraith-Touched as prominent members of society begin to die.

Some among the Wraith-Touched become so twisted they seek out their creator and become a wraith’s deadly servant, leading unsuspecting victims to where their master can better feast on their life force.

Why this Template:

Wrath-Touched (as a template) is meant to provide the DM with a supernatural, life-hating antagonist without going so far as to pit the PCs against an incorporeal foe.

It also allows for a flavorful random encounter in areas that are otherwise isolated: deep in a forest, a cave, high on a mountain, even in the middle of a desert; are all places a Wraith-Touched would seek to stay away from society.

Most importantly, this template provides an intermediary structure between the undead known as wraiths and society, allowing wraiths (a creature I personally think is awesome) to develop as a villain in their own right rather than just be thrown in as some random encounter.  I wanted to make this template robust enough to support a standalone character, or be an indicator of some other force that might be at work.