Greetings, I am Señor Gonzo, a mercenary wordsmith in the War of Ideas. Those of you who are unaware that there is a war on are obviously sticking your heads squarely up your third port of introduction. Please euthanize yourself if that is the case. Ok, are they done yet? Good. For those of you who are still alive, I’ll go ahead and offer up my geek street cred. I’ve been playing tabletop RPGs since I was a wee lad, and that all started with some weird-looking books published by TSR, and they were Dungeons & Dragons books. There was no ‘Advanced,’ no 2nd, 3rd or (shudder) 4th edition. Anybody out there remember THAC0? However, over the years, I have strayed from that system and dabbled in GURPS, d20, World of Darkness, In Nomine, and a few others. I have never tried LARP, trading card games, or miniature gaming, even if I do have an affection for the concepts involved with Warhammer 40K and the original. On that note, part of the reason I’m not terribly interested in the miniatures is because I’m more interested in the story than I am in the warfare. Besides that, I’m a little too cheap to spend money on miniatures, cases, and the other materials for serious miniature gaming. Besides that, I’m too lazy to do any painting, building or anything like that. Hell, I’m too lazy to DM a game more than once. However, I am a big fan of writing and voicing my opinion on things, so when Mr. Sharp made the mistake of offering me an opportunity to do just that, I jumped at the opportunity to provide you with the unvarnished truth of my opinions, even if the whole audience consists of the three other people who are willing to admit they know us and a gerbil that is going to have the rest of us brought up on charges for crimes against rodentia in direct violation of the Geneva Conventions. Since the others are puttering around with stuff like skills and why they need to be modified or why DMs are making players perform 34 skill checks in order to drink a beer, I’ll poke around and talk about other stuff, like homebrewing feats, spells, classes and races. So, I’ll see you about the Internets.