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SpaceIn the vast web of the multiverse there are things beyond conception, beings that gaze into the voids between stars and think longing thoughts about the darkness, and the cold, and the timeless vacuum of space. There are beings with the patience of eternity; beings that keep humans for pets and use pets for food, beings that possess an anatomy so twisted that to gaze upon them is to embrace insanity. These beings are so foreign, so alien, that scholars could think of only one word to describe them – Aberration.

Aberrations are my favorite creature type. Their strangeness makes them unique and versatile in a way other creatures just aren’t. Aberrations have always struck me as the true monsters of D&D. They’re the only creatures just about everything else looks at and exclaims, “what the fuck is that!” But that weirdness is a double edged sword.

It’s hard for Aberrations to be more than fleeting curiosities when they’re beyond understanding. Of those that have made their way into this-or-that module over the years they have left a lasting impression. Perhaps the most famous of the aberrations are…

the abolethAboleth

the beholderBeholder

and the illithidIllithid

all of which have been both horrifying and instrumental in d20 mythology.

That does bring me to the only thing that bothers me about Aberrations as a creature type…where the hell are all the good ones? The D&D multiverse is an objective one: you’re either evil, neutral, or good. Aberrations, unlike demons, devils, daemons, other d’s, aren’t inherently evil, but it sure does seem that way. In fact, the only one I can think of off the top of my head is the lawful good Flumph.


During a game El Crab of Anger once called this a “flying foodstuff” and I can’t help but agree.

Now give me a second here…yes…and…there! A perusal of the Pathfinder SRD has brought me to only two other Aberrations with a G in their alignment: the Chaotic Good Azruverda (a creature so disturbing to look upon I’ve deliberately left a picture out of this post) and the Lawful Good Guardian Naga. Everything else is either ambivalent or wants to eat you.

All-in-all my only regret is that the ecology of many Aberrations makes them far less accessible than other creature types. That may be for the best though; I mean look at this thing…Azurverda

Seriously, no way was I leaving that out!