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Day One: Friday

DominionDominion was calling my name this night. Insulated as I am in Reno it was interesting to have the chance to play with individuals who are, shall I say, a bit more competitive. I’m not taking about that cutthroat competitiveness, though there was plenty of that; no, I mean everyone played with the intent to win. As Crab mentioned my placement in the second round was due to either apathy or absentmindedness on the part of another player and I’m glad for it. It was the best game of Dominion I’ve ever had the chance to play. The scores of the people in question: 28, 27, 27, 26. I can’t say that anybody made a mistake at that table. I managed to take one of the 27s and felt, in a word, fulfilled.


We had 16 people: 1 hunter, 1 seer, 3 werewolves, and 11 villagers. I think the werewolves could do with more of an advantage.

Later, I was introduced to Werewolf, a game I’d heard about, but hadn’t ever played. I was a villager, the most boring of the possibilities, and came to find the game was staked heavily in my favor. The villagers won without much trouble and the night ended with a broken Sleep Number bed that had all the qualities one expects of soggy porridge.

Day Two: Saturday

Burnt Offerings

Most fun I’ve had playing a module.

The day of role-playing. I haven’t had experience with many DMs, a product of the “insulation” mentioned above, so I was excited to experience something different. The Crab has said all that’s relevant for the first half of the day, so I’ll just skip to the Burnt Offerings part of my experience. I played the cleric, assuming I’d be the only dedicated healer, as there’s a tendency in RPGs to ignore that particular piece of the puzzle. Together with the Crab as wizard, we managed to keep the party alive. I am of the opinion that if either me or the moncrabneur had not played in that game then the adventuring party would be dust.

The game was run rules-light…rules-light in the sense that the DM didn’t seem to know all the rules. This didn’t detract too much from the experience, but still caused a bit of brow-furrow on my part. It was the most fun I’ve had playing in a long time and might be enough to get me involved in the Pathfinder Society. Went to bed shortly after that.

Day Three: Sunday

The Yellow Sign

I played Mansions of Madness: The Yellow Sign. I’m a big fan of all the Arkham Horror stuff and found this impossible to pass up. I won’t ruin this particular scenario for anyone, but you really have to work as I team if you want to be successful. I got a first place ribbon for the game, being voted MVP by the other players. This had more to do with me standing up to an intrusive moderator than it did with game play, but having not one ounce of humility I accepted without putting up a fight.


The moderator asked the experienced players to assist the newbies at the tables, which I learned later from Lady Crab is a big faux pas considering the nature of tournament play. Lesson learned: some people will cut you deep for a piece of colored cloth. Seriously, to all the first time convention goers, “watch yourselves my friends!”

After MoM I played in an Eclipse tournament. I didn’t know at the time, but the tournament was arranged so that the highest scores from different tables were given the ribbons. I was under the impression that the best two players from each table would go on to another round. I was a bit peeved as the other table finished before mine and the two big scores were so astronomical that my whole table learned we were fighting for a third place ribbon at best. I took third place then retired early this night, as there was nothing else I really wanted to play.

Note: I take offense to the Crab saying I had phone sex with my girlfriend…I had phone sex with a girl I’d met a couple days prior. If it’s going to be in writing I at least want it to be accurate.

Day Four: Monday

7 Wonders

Got beaten because some noob was feeding another player all the cards he needed.

This day was all 7 Wonders losses and a whole bunch of travel…also food!

Final Thoughts

This being my first gaming convention it left a marvelous impression. I didn’t want to leave in all honesty. There’s something unbelievably addictive about having access to people who not only want to play the game you want to play, but want to play it as much as you do. Not only would I go again in a heartbeat, I wish I was there right now.