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They walk as lumbering masses of disillusioned flesh while the thoughts of man churn behind bestial aspects. Clusters of nerves and neurons vibrate at a recognizable frequency – an earnest attempt at the normalities of culture. Twisted enough to be Other, their perspective held mute by those quick to yell MONSTER…but they too dream. They too fear. They too suffer and rejoice at the eccentricities of Being. And perhaps, if we extend the hand of friendship, the hand of kinship, then when are time has closed and we stand judged, perhaps, just maybe, they will be kind masters.

Humanoids…not much to say, really. The Beatles already said it: “I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together,” … yeah, I think that pretty much covers it. The Humanoid creature type is boring in that it is obvious. No matter how many ridges, protrusions, pointed ears, or vertical challenges you add/subtract, humanoids are still all together knowable. That’s why I’ve decided to combine this article with monstrous humanoids.

Don’t misunderstand, monstrous humanoids aren’t all that interesting either: stick half a horse to half a person and you still have a person … just a transmuted one. Once you’ve sewn the horse’s ass to the human torso you’re welcome to call it a centaur, but it’s still a person. More interesting is that Monstrous Humanoid managed to get its own category in Pathfinder. It seems ideal for subtype territory:

Subtype: Monstrous Humanoid


d10s instead of d8s

fast progression on BAB instead of 3/4

Good Reflex and Good Will Save

4 skill points + Int Mod instead of 2 skill points + Int Mod

A slightly different skills set


Darkvision 60ft

Simple really, Monstrous Humanoids are more powerful, more agile, and more skillful. The “monstrous” part of their arrangement assures that, but they’re still decidedly human in their thought processes. Their cultural development isn’t all that different from the standard humanized races (perhaps a little crazier here or there, but history doesn’t disallow crazy societal structures) and once united under the Humanoid type it makes Monstrous Humanoids altogether more knowable from a mechanical standpoint.

Perhaps I’ve lead myself to something of a contradiction. Placing Monstrous Humanoids in with the Humanoid type doesn’t do anything to soothe my boredom, asidebut it does make for more structurally sound game-play. This is the first time in my On Creature Types articles that I’ve made a suggestion that impacts the skills system in a meaningful way. By combining the aforementioned types I’m suggesting that you bring Monstrous Humanoids into the knowledge (local) category rather than that of knowledge (nature). This makes them more “knowable” as a whole. I personally don’t see a problem with this as I feel they should have been there in the first place, but perhaps many would disagree.

Not all that thrilling, I know, but this was the article I was dreading in this lineup. Funny, really. I find the two types most similar to that of humanity to be decidedly without merit. I hope that doesn’t reveal anything too awful about my character…

Well, that’s it, that’s all. Tune in next time for Magical Beasts: The Revenge.